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November 09, 2021
This past summer, 2 of our POE students interested in biology interned in the BMS lab. It was an amazing experience, which Noelia details in her blog.
    November 06, 2021
    George Mason University Accounting Junior, Stefany Villanueva, Gives Back to her College and her Community!
      August 30, 2021
      POE collaborates with 7 other local scholarship programs to host a College Success workshop for all of our students.
        April 02, 2021
        After surveying our current POE students, we found that they continue to resilient in the face of adversity and are working hard toward their goal of graduating from college.
          September 23, 2020
          Like everyone else POE has been impacted by the pandemic. Thanks to our terrific students and volunteer mentors we've all been able to work together to keep our students in school and progressing toward their degrees.
            August 22, 2020
            POE gives students stipends for internships that are unpaid if the work experience is directly applicable to their academic studies and career goals.
              February 11, 2020
              Stefany Villanueva is a POE scholar who is a freshman in the Honors College at George Mason University and majoring in Accounting. She currently participates in Mason Dreamers, the Association of Latino Professionals for America, and the Hispanic Student Association. She also enjoys playing Intra-Mural co-ed soccer in her spare time. Stefany shared the following report about an important initiative in which she has been involved.
                January 21, 2020
                POE scholarship applicants are being encouraged to apply for more scholarships and even have a list for students to use to accomplish this. This list is meant for students from the Peninsula and South Bay.
                  July 29, 2019
                  POE Mid-Atlantic student, Marian Almanza, who is interning at Planned Parenthood in Washington, D.C. this summer, was thrilled to be able to attend Netroots Nation in mid-July in Philadelphia.
                    July 13, 2019
                    At a recent event attended by POE students and mentors, the question in the title was offered as a way to open up dialog when you are at a networking event.
                      June 23, 2019
                      We celebrated our 35 new POE students on the Peninsula with some great advice from our graduates and excellent BBQ!
                        May 01, 2019
                        Stella Kailahi is the lucky recipient of a $2500 scholarship. Awarded annually by the Stanford Federal Credit Union, it is given in honor of a Stanford FCU Board member who is leaving the board.
                          March 14, 2019
                          Recently, a few members of POE leadership attended a "College Success" meeting. It consists of representatives from various Bay Area college scholarship programs who meet quarterly with the goal of sharing information and collaborating on programs in order to best serve the students while in college.
                            February 04, 2019
                            The big POE season is fast approaching, and we want to give you an idea about how we consider applications from students wanting to become a POE scholar.
                              October 14, 2018
                              POE mentors gathered to learn from each other about how to best support our students
                                July 15, 2018
                                Where did the summer go? Our newest class of POE students is getting ready to head to college!
                                  November 28, 2017
                                  There are so many worthy charities and important causes, but how do you choose where to give your money and whom to support? Here is a blog from one of POE's new mentors and her thoughts on the subject.
                                    November 21, 2017
                                    Through one of our mentors, Mary Asel, we had a great gathering for our POE Mid-Atlantic George Mason students and alums.
                                      October 20, 2017
                                      POE Mentors gathered in October to celebrate the beginning of another POE scholarship cycle. Applications for students graduating this spring just went live and we are looking forward to another year of working with our fantastic students.
                                        September 17, 2017
                                        Karina Macias, a POE student and graduate of Eastside and St. Mary's College, was interviewed when the Trump administration announced its plan to roll back DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival). Click to see the full article.
                                          June 29, 2017
                                          POE hosted a workshop with Sacred Heart Prep to allow students to analyze their personality strengths and weaknesses and think about how they can communicate effectively with others.
                                            June 27, 2017
                                            Thank you letter from a proud POE college graduate who appreciated not only the financial support POE provides, but also the mentoring and opportunities. (Student name is removed for privacy)
                                              June 15, 2017
                                              This year, for the first time, 7 Community College graduates headed for four year schools are among the new recipients for SF Peninsula.
                                                May 01, 2017
                                                Nisha Sharma, a junior at UC Santa Cruz, was chosen to be a Spartan in the Travis Manion Foundation which helps veterans and the families of fallen heroes.
                                                  March 04, 2017
                                                  POE hosted a mentor social gathering and presentation on student financial aid
                                                    February 08, 2017
                                                    POE Mid-Atlantic Student Graduates with a Degree in Marine Biology and Achieves her Dream- to Work with Sea Turtles!
                                                      February 01, 2017
                                                      POE Mid-Atlantic hosts its first finance seminar with a speaker from Wells Fargo.
                                                        January 20, 2017
                                                        We recently received a letter from one of our scholars who began with us in 2013. The letter is a wonderful reminder of so many of our students’ promise for the future. It also reminds us of what POE means to our recipients. While some of Karla Velarde’s story is referenced in her letter, it doesn’t tell about how her parents made the most of their family’s lives despite coming to this country under tough circumstances. We are so proud of Karla. We also want to amplify her thanks to all of the POE community who have helped make this story (and so many others) happen.
                                                          January 11, 2017
                                                          A note from a recent nursing program graduate
                                                            November 15, 2016
                                                            POE student Dawite Ewnetu started a project called "Help Street Kids in Ethiopia" to make a small impact towards changing street kids' lives in Ethiopia.
                                                              October 19, 2016
                                                              On Thursday, October 13, about 35 POE Mentors got together to socialize and learn a little bit more about how to be the best mentors on Peninsula.
                                                                July 18, 2016
                                                                See headshots of POE Peninsula's 31 new students!
                                                                  July 01, 2016
                                                                  Summary of career tips from moderator Angela Schmiede at POE's career night on June 22, 2016
                                                                    June 24, 2016
                                                                    A short video of the highlights from our Career Night on June 22nd.

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