Thoughts on Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2017

Recently the NY Times had a very sensible article about how to decide on supporting a charity.  There are so many all of us can consider these days, it helps to have some guidelines.  The beginning of this article rang true for me.  The first three guidelines were:

“Do your Homework:

  • Find an organization with a clear mission and demonstrated results.
  • Treat your donations like your investments and have a balanced portfolio.
  • Above all, follow your passion, all the way to the next emergency.”

While the article was about a totally different subject, it almost sounded like it was about POE. 

First, let me note that I am very demanding about charities.  I like to be sure that the benefit is going directly to the worthy recipients, rather than to administration or politics.  And, in general, I believe in the “teach the farmer to build a well, rather than building the well for him” philosophy.

Here’s a real world analysis of how POE stacks up against this perspective:

  1. I worked with POE before deciding to donate;
  2. The organization is lean and focused specifically on its clear mission of funding underprivileged kids who want to go to college.  (The entire organization is volunteer run!);
  3. Since POE’s Palo Alto, CA founding in 1984, over 500 students’ college careers have been supported with more than $4 million in scholarships;
  4. There’s just no politics.  The whole team of volunteers wants the same thing and is very much a meritocracy; and
  5. We’re all about: “teach the farmer to build a well. . .”

Want to discuss all this?  Just ask.

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