January 20, 2017
We recently received a letter from one of our scholars who began with us in 2013. The letter is a wonderful reminder of so many of our students’ promise for the future. It also reminds us of what POE means to our recipients. While some of Karla Velarde’s story is referenced in her letter, it doesn’t tell about how her parents made the most of their family’s lives despite coming to this country under tough circumstances. We are so proud of Karla. We also want to amplify her thanks to all of the POE community who have helped make this story (and so many others) happen.
    January 11, 2017
    A note from a recent nursing program graduate
      November 15, 2016
      POE student Dawite Ewnetu started a project called "Help Street Kids in Ethiopia" to make a small impact towards changing street kids' lives in Ethiopia.
        October 19, 2016
        On Thursday, October 13, about 35 POE Mentors got together to socialize and learn a little bit more about how to be the best mentors on Peninsula.
          July 18, 2016
          See headshots of POE Peninsula's 31 new students!
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